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Invest In Rodeo | Perlino Stallion


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Invest In Rodeo

Alias, "Boogie Man"


15 h 1995 AQHA Perlino Stallion

IAHA Non-Arabian Sweepstakes Nominated Sire

Stud Fee $850.00
Color Guaranteed on non-grey mares!

Live Cover Only

Perlino Stallion Invest In Rodeo "Boogie Man" INvest In Rodeo Perlino Stallion

Invest In Rodeo (alias "Boogie Man") has already proven himself as a breeders' stallion by producing a World Champion Gelding and Reserve World Champion Filly at the 2000 PHBA World Show in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Sire of Iowa State Buckskin Congress Circuit Champion.

With over 80 Buckskin and Palomino foals to his credit, Invest In Rodeo is producing numerous outstanding quality foals in the Quarter Horse, Paint and Arabian Industry. 
2001 marked the introduction of Invest In Rodeo's first Half-Arabian foal crop into Arabian competition, striving for future multiple championships at the Class A, Regional, Scottsdale and US National levels.

Pedigree for Invest In Rodeo
1995 AQHA Perlino Stallion
Invest In Rodeo First Lein The Invester Zippo Pat Bars
Hanks Peppy Lou
Kasada Mr Bar Gold
Miss Nancy Leo
Sheza Ballerina Doll Cut O Lena Fox Easter
Cut A Candy Bar
Rodeo Jackie Rodeo Jack
Tita's Taco


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VISIT INVEST IN RODEO's FACEBOOK PAGE for more photos and updated information on his Progeny.



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Invested Prescription wins the 2010 ABRA World Champion Jr. Western Pleasure Class in Tulsa Oklahoma. Sired by Invest In Rodeo. Nickname "Itchey" this gorgeous Buckskin mare took a bow to the audience when her World Championship was announced. Itchy was trained and shown by Ricky Spinks of Streetman, Texas. She also won the Pre World Jr. Western Pleasure and the NSBA for her division. This was also her first major show. Congratulations to Invested Prescription, Ricky Spinks and her proud owners Billy and Mary Bilbro for a job well done. Good luck at the 2010 Color Congress in Tulsa, Oklahoma.



Although owner, Robin Mitchell Forrest, had shown horses most of her life, and especially during the 1970's throughout Georgia and South Carolina competing with Quarter Horses and Arabians in Western Pleasure and Halter, she didn't start her own breeding program until 1991 following her move to Texas in 1979. Her favorite horses in those early years of showing were Buckskins and Palominos, and the love of those colors stuck with her. Continual compliments on her "golden" horses legitimized her personal belief that Buckskins and Palominos had a particular appeal to many other owners and exhibitors as well, and would prove to be a good market to focus on.

Returning to competition in Texas after those years of inactivity in the show ring, Robin was bitten by the Team Penning bug, and her enthusiasm and ability soon had her in the winners' circle again, winning saddles, buckles, and money to boot. She also was nurturing some "winning" ideas of a breeding program which held special appeal for her ongoing admiration and devotion to the golden shades of Buckskins and Palominos.

Robin had always been able to recognize a good horse regardless of color, but adamantly believed a good athlete should be pretty enough to "halter" as well as being capable enough of being a formidable competitor under saddle. With "color" added to the quality she would consistently insist in her own program, she would achieve her icing on the cake, and that became her goal in breeding 100% quality Buckskin and Palomino horses.

Invest In Rodeo, (alias Boogie Man)
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In 1994, Robin bred her favorite AQHA Buckskin mare, Sheza Ballerina Doll, to a Palomino stallion she greatly admired, First Lien. In May of the following year, a colt of unusual color resulted from that breeding, and totally unfamiliar with what this baby actually was genetically, she assumed he must be a Buckskin. After consulting with AQHA's Registry regarding the color and markings, she was advised to register the colt as a Buckskin. She named this exceptional baby "Invest In Rodeo", but a family friend insisted he receive the nickname of "Boogie Man" due to his big blue eyes, which she considered a bit spooky looking. The nickname stuck, but certainly has not been earned as this incredible stallion is well known for his gentle nature and trainability, blue-eyed or not.

Sheza Ballerina Doll, "Boogie's" mother

Before Robin became fully aware of the unusual genetic makeup a "double-diluted" horse such as Boogie carries with regard to color, she was already aggressively breeding mares to this handsome stallion. She quickly discovered from his first foal crop that if bred to bay and/or sorrel mares, the results would always be varying shades of Buckskin or Palomino, with the depth of color depending on the mare's genetic makeup. Noting further that all of these foals consistently had brown eyes rather than blue (unless the mares bred happened to be a Paint with one or both blue eyes), Robin realized she owned a stallion who could allow her to offer consistent color guarantees on non grey mares.

Out of his first foal crop which arrived in 1996, "Boogie" sired 9 Buckskins, 1 Palomino, and 1 Dun. He now has over 60 Buckskins and Palomino foals to his credit, including amoung them, Palomino and Buckskin Paints. By this time, both Robin and AQHA recognized that "Boogie" was in fact, a Perlino, and carried the red factor type, Ee. Although (as obvious in Invest In Rodeo's sterling AQHA pedigree) he is a 100% Quarter Horse carrying the finest in AQHA beauty, speed, and cow-bred bloodlines, Boogie had to give up his AQHA papers due to his pink skin and blue eyes. His official registration has since been accepted by and transferred into the American Paint Horse Association which opened their Registry to Perlinos and Cremellos in 2001.

In late 1998 Robin got acquainted over the phone with Sharon Matthews of Albany, Texas, an Arabian breeder since 1984. Both Sharon and her breeding manager at that time, Janet Rivera, had a shared desire and interest in breeding Half-Arabians Buckskins and Palominos, but like Robin, Sharon didn't want to breed "color" without the primary focus being on quality.

After gathering up photos of Boogie and his first foal crop, Robin drove to Albany to meet Sharon personally and discuss the possibility of Invest In Rodeo standing at her farm, YL Arabians. Sharon was in the process of completing a state-of-the-art breeding lab at her facility, and she and Janet and just recently completed Equine Reproduction and Cooled Transported Semen classes at Colorado State University. After visiting with Robin and viewing the photos, Sharon was as enthusiastic as Robin about Invest In Rodeo and the two women agreed on a partnership promoting this superior sire nationwide, whom they recognized as clearly being on the way to stardom.



Ima Foxy Boogie Doll
2007 Alamo Gold Futurity Champion of Champions
Out of Playgirls Golden Clue
Owned by Veronica Cothran & Shown by Sherri Eubanks
Miss Two Eyed Rodeo
20707 AQHA/APHA buckskin filly owned and shown by Cheryl Carnes
Grand Champion mare at Wharton County 4-H horse show
Miss Undeniable
2000 PHBA Res. World Champion
Palomino Amatuer Filly
Holding Her, Loving You
2000 World Champion
Palomino Youth Gelding
YL Born Tu Boogie
2000 Half-Arabian Buckskin Filly
Owned by Sharon Matthews of YL Ranch
Invest In A Cutter
1998 Buckskin Filly
Lena and Itchy
2 AQHA buckskin mares by Invest In Rodeo

These elegant Palomino, Buckskin and Half-Arabian babies are turning heads as they trot into the show ring with that "look at me" attitude!

Invest In Rodeo possesses ALL the necessary qualities anyone can ask of a breeding stallion and Equine Color Specialties is in the business of helping you achieve the horse of YOUR dreams.  Whether it be by breeding your special mare to Boogie, or by purchasing a Boogie Baby already here and engineered to suit your particular color and tastes, we are here to assist you and we invite your inquires.



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